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Designed and built by Creative Crafthouse in Florida, "Medical Emergency" uses 1/4" thick hardwoods with at least 4 different woods. Each puzzle will be a little different with different woods used. Woods may include Walnut, Oak, Alder, Cherry, Red Grandis, Maple, Ash, Beetle Kill Pine, Mahogany, and others.

21 pieces are laser cut and etched and include are all things associated with the medical community such as: stretcher, ambulance, forceps, scalpel, prescription bottle, stethoscope, heart, lung, brain, band aid, bandaged arm, ace bandage, Caduceus symbol, thermometer, band aid, ear octoscope, medical symbol, blood pressure cuff, medical chart, and IV bag (not shown in picture).

This puzzle is quite challenging (a 4 out of 5 difficulty level). 

Puzzle Measures 7" x 7" in frame. 
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